Career journeys

Welcome to our Spotlight series, detailing the career journeys of SPRITE+ Members, Expert Fellows, and Project Partners. Learn more about their backgrounds, research and involvement with SPRITE+.


30th September 2020

SPRITE+ Co-Director Spotlight – Deeph Chana

Today the spotlight is on Deeph Chana – Professor and Co-Director of the Centre for Financial Technology at the Imperial College Business School, Co-Director of the Institute for Security Science Technology (ISST) at the Imperial College London, Co-Founder of the Research Institute in Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems (RITICS), the Founder and Director of a technology development consultancy specialising in critical infrastructure and smart city applications, and a SPRITE+ Co-Director.

Expert Fellows & Members

18th August 2021

SPRITE+ Member Spotlight – Neetesh Saxena

The spotlight today is on Neetesh Saxena – Assistant Professor (Lecturer) with the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University, and a SPRITE+ Member.
21st July 2021

SPRITE+ Member Spotlight – Mohamed Khamis

The spotlight today is on Mohamed Khamis – Lecturer in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, a member of the Glasgow Interactive Systems (GIST) Section, and a SPRITE+ member.
23rd June 2021

SPRITE+ Member Spotlight – Irini Katsirea

The spotlight today is on Irini Katsirea – Reader in International Media Law at the University of Sheffield, and a SPRITE+ member.
19th May 2021

SPRITE+ Member Spotlight – Tim Ferris

The spotlight today is on Tim Ferris – Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering for Defence Capability at Cranfield University, Deputy Head of Centre for Systems and Technology Management, and a SPRITE+ member.
21st April 2021

SPRITE+ Member Spotlight – Soteris Demetriou

The spotlight today is on Soteris Demetriou – Lecturer of Systems Security at the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, Director of the Applications, Platforms, and Systems Security Research Lab, and a SPRITE+ member.

Project Partners

29th July 2020

Project Partner Spotlight – Dr. John Blythe and CybSafe

Today the spotlight is on SPRITE+ Project Partner CybSafe. I have recently interviewed Cybsafe’s Head of Behavioural Science Dr. John Blythe, and asked him to talk a bit about his role and Cybsafe's connection to SPRITE+.
20th May 2020

Project Partner Spotlight – Julie Dawson and Yoti

The spotlight today is on one of the SPRITE+ project partners - Yoti. I have recently interviewed Yoti's Director of Regulatory & Policy Julie Dawson, and asked her to talk a bit about her role and Yoti's connection to SPRITE+.

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