Challenge Working Groups

The goal of each Challenge Working Group (CWG) is to advance understanding of the SPRITE+ Challenge Themes by considering it from multiple perspectives. CWGs will work with the SPRITE+ Project Partners and other stakeholders to gain in depth knowledge of end-user concerns and requirements. They will research the existing evidence base to determine what is already known and what opportunities exist to increase knowledge in each area. CWGs will produce a cross-disciplinary understanding of the core issues and make recommendations for future research priorities.

Learn more about each of the CWGs below.

17th April 2020

Accountability & Ethics in a Digital Ecosystem

Led by Dr Jonathan Foster (University of Sheffield) and Dr Julie Gore (University of Bath).
28th April 2020

Digital Technologies, Power & Control

Led by Dr Lara Frumkin (The Open University), Dr Kovila Coopamootoo (Newcastle University), Dr Sabine Little (University of Sheffield) and Dr Vitor Jesus (Birmingham City University).