Can you help us identify the future challenges of security, privacy, identity and trust in the digital world?

Digital technologies and services of today profoundly influence our work, education, finances, social, and political lives, touching every person, organisation, and industry. They collect and analyse enormous amounts of data, often automatically, which raises issues of privacy, confidentiality, transparency, accountability, and public acceptability. This may lead to the erosion of public trust, including in the media, government, and democracy.

As people and systems become ever more interconnected, security vulnerabilities become more difficult to predict, detect, and patch. People and organisations crucially depend on digital services, and our digital lives lead to new questions about our sense of self and social identity.

Here at SPRITE+ we connect people who look to secure the future of digital life. And we want your help to identify the most important issues on the horizon.

Think about the future – 5-10 years from now. Here are just a few aspects to consider:

  • What will emerging technologies like quantum computing, 5G and biometric identification mean for security of networks, from our home networks to our critical infrastructure? What are the best ways to engineer systems with both security and usability in mind?
  • As technologies such as cameras, microphones, heartbeat detectors, and thermal imaging devices are increasingly connected to each other (in the ‘Internet of Things’) and the data merged, what are the benefits and threats for privacy and security?
  • What will businesses need to know to protect their data (and yours), their systems and services – and absorb the impact of a cyber-attacks without disrupting services?
  • How will criminals exploit new technologies and digital systems try to make money? How can government, police, regulatory authorities, educators and citizens work together to protect everyone from cyber threats?
  • How will you know whom to trust online? And how will other people know that you are who you claim to be online?
  • What laws and regulation could reduce the risk to your data, security, and safety? What about education and skills?
  • Who might try to manipulate people online – to influence votes, make money, or to harass and bully – and how could they achieve this?

Whether you are a technologist, engineer or social scientist, a business person, government official, healthcare professional or police officer, a member of a charity or advocacy group - or none of these, help us imagine the challenges of the future the way you see them, so that we could prepare for them today.

What questions do you think we should address? They might be questions about big issues that affect everyone right down to very specific questions that affect a small part of the community. They’re all important.

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