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29th January 2020

National Cyber Security Centre Annual Report 2019 – What Does the Future Hold?

28th January 2020

On Digital Trust

We are pleased to share On Digital Trust, featuring articles by SPRITE+ Members from the University of Manchester.
20th December 2019

SPRITE+: Tackling Future Challenges

This introduction to SPRITE+ and the Challenge Themes was initially published on the Partnership for Conflict, Crime & Security Research Blog.
17th December 2019

Online Consultation Results

We've received and analysed over 90 responses in the online consultation asking participants to tell us what they think the biggest challenges in digital security, privacy, identity, and trust.
17th December 2019

SPRITE+ 4 Challenges Themes

After 2 full days of lively debate, and a week to collate the notes, SPRITE+ expert fellows settled on 4 major themes that the challenge working groups will explore in the upcoming year. Here are the challenges.