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5th August 2020

Call for Events and Activities

SPRITE+ is delighted to support its Members and Expert Fellows who wish to lead events or activities that explore aspects of TIPS in the Digital Economy, within and beyond academia.
4th August 2020

Introducing our ‘Rising Stars’ series

We are delighted to introduce our 'Rising Stars' series in which we will showcase Early Career Researcher research stories.
29th July 2020

Project Partner Spotlight – Dr. John Blythe and CybSafe

Today the spotlight is on SPRITE+ Project Partner CybSafe. I have recently interviewed Cybsafe’s Head of Behavioural Science Dr. John Blythe, and asked him to talk a bit about his role and Cybsafe's connection to SPRITE+.
20th July 2020

Security Tips for Working from Home

Dr. Seyedmostafa Safavi shares his advice on working from home.
24th June 2020

SPRITE+ Expert Fellow Spotlight – Joseph Hamm

Today the spotlight is on Joseph Hamm – Assistant Professor in the School of Criminal Justice and Environmental Science and Policy Program at Michigan State University, and a SPRITE+ Expert Fellow.

Call for Events is now open! We're supporting Members and Expert Fellows to lead activities that explore aspects of TIPS in the Digital Economy. We will help to organise the activity with up to £5,000 to cover the associated costs.