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11th September 2023

SPRITE+ Conference Presentation Selection

We invite you to explore a selection of presentations from the SPRITE+ 2023 conference!
21st August 2023

SPRITE+ Communicating Cybersecurity Community Event

We present a summary of our latest online event focused on communicating cybersecurity in an educational setting.
26th July 2023

Reflecting on SPRITE+ Conference 2023

4th May 2023

Our SPRITE+ Conference in June: Don’t miss the chance to register!

Haven’t registered yet for our Conference? SPRITE+ Director Emma Barrett explains what you could be missing… Whilst attending Cyber UK in Belfast in April, we took […]
28th February 2023

SPRITE+ Conference: Programme Outline

Call for contributions at the SPRITE+ Conference 2023 (Titanic Centre, Belfast) are now open!
27th February 2023

SPRITE+ hosts first hybrid sandpit

In January 2023 SPRITE+ welcomed 35 participants from 21 different different organisations to our first hybrid sandpit focussed on the theme of 'digital identity'.
22nd November 2022

SPRITE+ COI on Communicating Cybersecurity Event – Stakeholder Mapping: Who communicates cybersecurity to whom?

We present a summary of our recent community building workshop focused on communicating cybersecurity.
7th October 2022

Community of Interest on Communicating Cybersecurity

This is our information hub for the SPRITE+ Community of Interest on Communicating Cybersecurity, open to all SPRITE+ members!
21st September 2022

Project Interview: Buy Now Pay Later in the UK: Current and emergent digital vulnerabilities

Today the spotlight is on the project titled 'Buy Now Pay Later in the UK: Current and emergent digital vulnerabilities'. We got the chance to catch-up with the project team to find out more about the journey of this project.
16th September 2022

Call for participants: Third Annual SPRITE+ Sandpit

SPRITE+ is pleased to invite Members and Expert Fellows to apply to attend a hybrid sandpit on Future Digital Identity. Up to £160k of SPRITE+ funding will be made available to fund interdisciplinary projects arising from this sandpit. You can find the call document and application forms here.

Call for Events is now open! We're supporting Members and Expert Fellows to lead activities that explore aspects of TIPS in the Digital Economy. We will help to organise the activity with up to £5,000 to cover the associated costs.