Learning Resources for Digital TIPS

This list of online courses and resources is maintained by Dr Dmitry Dereshev (The University of Manchester), and Professor Vladimiro Sassone (University of Southampton). You can find out more about the people behind SPRITE+ here.

If you've just stumbled upon an unfamiliar digital TIPS term, you check our glossary here.

Last updated: 2020-06-15.

Start here (Level 0)

If you are new to the area of digital trust, identity, privacy, and security, there are 2 courses to start you off. One is a GCHQ-approved free online course from Open University, which covers all the basics related to personal digital security. The other, from the University of Washington, includes a discussion on some of the legal aspects of cybersecurity, not mentioned in the Open Uni course.

Cybersecurity as a Career

With the basic knowledge in place, take a look at the Cybersecurity Career Pathways, which detail some of the ways to get into cybersecurity:

Continue Exploring (Level 1)

Some areas within digital TIPS grow to be their own topics entirely:

Practice Your Skills Through Games and Competitions! (Level 3)

These simulations and interactive exercises will test your skill and knowledge of various aspects of digital TIPS.

Card-Based Exercises

A number of practical games are delivered through cards. Here is our list of card-based digital TIPS exercises.

Interactive Browser Games

Games you can play right in your browser that cover some aspects of digital TIPS.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

CTFs are a popular way to test your hacking skills. You are given a prompt, and your job is to recover a "flag" - usually a string of letters and numbers hidden within your target, be it a vulnerable computer, a website, or an encrypted piece of text. Below is a selection of CTFs available at any time.

Check CTF Time for which time-sensitive competitions are happening now.

If you would like to get into even more challenges, and see the current CTFs taking place, here are two sources for that.