Learning Resources for Digital TIPS

This list of online courses and resources is maintained by Dr Dmitry Dereshev (The University of Manchester), and Professor Vladimiro Sassone (University of Southampton). You can find out more about the people behind SPRITE+ here.

Start here

If you are new to the area of digital trust, identity, privacy, and security, check out this GCHQ-approved free online course from Open University, which covers all the basics related to personal digital security:

Alternatively, check the course below, which includes a discussion on some of the legal aspects of cybersecurity, not mentioned in the course above.

Make Your Organisation More Secure

If you are looking to secure your organisation, a quick guide is maintained by NCSC:

Cybersecurity as a Career

Take a look at the Cybersecurity Career Pathways, which detail some of the ways to get into cybersecurity:

Specialist Topics

Some areas within digital TIPS grow to be their own topics entirely:

The Human Side of Digital TIPS

This is where technical abilities meet human needs:

University Courses

Keen to expand your knowledge and complete a degree on the topic? Several universities allow you to specialise in digital TIPS -related topics:

MSc Degrees:

Centres for Doctoral Training (MSc + PhD):