Papers from Members, Experts, and Project Partners

Every month we ask our network for the papers they have recently published, and compliment that by recent publications from leading journals in digital trust, identity, privacy, and security. You can check our top list of journals and conferences here, and the list of papers below.

Paper/Issue/ReportAuthorsPublished In/By
CybSafe Research Library
Globally accessible archive of research into the human aspect of cyber security
A framework for effective corporate communication after cyber security incidentsRichard Knight, Jason R.C.NurseComputers & Security, Volume 99
Emotional AI and Children: Ethics, Parents. Governance
Andrew McStay, Gilad RosnerN/A
A framework to assess evidence quality in cyber security policy making
Policy briefing
Madeline Carr, Siraj ShaikhRISCS
Is your chatbot GDPR compliant?: Open issues in agent designRahime Belen Sağlam, Jason R. C. NurseCUI '20: Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Conversational User Interfaces
Cyber Diplomacy: A Systematic Literature ReviewAmel Attatfa, Karen Renaud, Stefano DePaoliProcedia Computer Science Volume 176
The Data that Drives Cyber Insurance: A Study into the Underwriting and Claims ProcessesJason R.C. Nurse, Louise Axon, Arnau Erola, Ioannis Agrafiotis, Michael Goldsmith, Sadie Creese2020 International Conference on Cyber Situational Awareness, Data Analytics and Assessment (CyberSA)
Cyber risk at the edge: current and future trends on cyber risk analytics and artificial intelligence in the industrial internet of things and industry 4.0 supply chainsPetar Radanliev, David De Roure, Kevin Page, Jason R. C. Nurse, Rafael Mantilla Montalvo, Omar Santos, La’Treall Maddox, Pete BurnapCybersecurity volume 3
No two gangs are alike: The digital divide in street gangs’ differential adaptations to social mediaAndrew Whittaker, James Densley, Karin S.MoserComputers in Human Behavior Volume 110
The Role of Eye Gaze in Security and Privacy Applications: Survey and Future HCI Research DirectionsChristina Katsini, Yasmeen Abdrabou, George E. Raptis, Mohamed Khamis, Florian AltCHI '20: Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
A Secure Three-Factor User Authentication Protocol With Forward Secrecy for Wireless Medical Sensor Network SystemsXiong Li, Jieyao Peng, Mohammad S. Obaidat, Fan Wu, Muhammad Khurram Khan, Chaoyang ChenIEEE Systems Journal Volume 14, Issue 1
A New Detection and Prevention System for ARP Attacks Using Static EntrySherin Hijazi, Mohammad S. ObaidatIEEE Systems Journal Volume 13, Issue 3
Toward Characterizing Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrencies for Highly Accurate PredictionsMuhammad Saad, Jinchun Choi, DaeHun Nyang, Joongheon Kim, Aziz MohaisenIEEE Systems Journal Volume 14, Issue 1
Cyber Stalking, Cyber Harassment, and Adult Mental Health: A Systematic ReviewFrancesca Stevens, Jason R.C. Nurse, Budi AriefCyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking
Cybersecurity for Smart Farming: Socio-Cultural Context MattersDirk van der Linden, Ola Aleksandra Michalec, Anna ZamanskyIEEE Technology and Society Magazine Volume: 39, Issue: 4
An Investigation of Self-Control and Self-Regulation as Mechanisms Linking Remote Communication to Employee Well-Being during the Covid-19 PandemicMoser, K., Rivkin, W., Diestel, S. and Alshaik, I.Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Meeting 2020. Vancouver, CA (Virtual Meeting) 07-11 Aug 2020
The COVID-19 Contact Tracing App In England and ‘Experimental Proportionality’Marion Oswald, Jamie GraceForthcoming, Public Law
Not ‘Very English’ - on the Use of the Polygraph by the Penal System in England and WalesKyriakos N Kotsoglou, Marion OswaldThe Journal of Criminal Law. December 2020
A Fuzzy Adaptive Dynamic NSGA-II With Fuzzy-Based Borda Ranking Method and its Application to Multimedia Data AnalysisMaysam Orouskhani, Daming Shi, Xiaochun ChengIEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Volume 29, Issue 1
Design Thinking for Cyber DeceptionDebi Ashenden, Rob Black, Iain Reid, Simon HendersonHawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2021
Interdisciplinary Lessons Learned While Researching Fake NewsChar Sample, Michael J. Jensen, Keith Scott, John McAlaney, Steve Fitchpatrick, Amanda Brockinton, David Ormrod, Amy OrmrodFrontiers in Psychology,
Research Topic on Cognition, Behavior and Cybersecurity
Privacy in Transport? Exploring Perceptions of Location Privacy Through User SegmentationIngolf Becker, Rebecca Posner, Tasmina Islam, Paul Ekblom, Hervé Borrion, Michael Mcguire, Shujun LiHawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2021
Re-territorialising the policing of cybercrime in the post-COVID-19 era: towards a new vision of local democratic cyber policing Shane Horgan, Ben Collier, Richard Jones, Lynsay ShepherdEmerald Insights
Using Public Priorities To Disentangle the Dimensions of Procedural Justice and Trustworthiness In Police–Citizen InteractionsJoseph A. Hamm, Scott E. WolfeThe British Journal of Criminology: An International Review of Crime and Society
A novel Intrusion Detection System against spoofing attacks in connected Electric VehiclesDimitrios Kosmanos, Apostolos Pappas, Leandros Maglaras, Sotiris Moschoyiannis, Francisco J. Aparicio-Navarro, Antonios Argyriou, Helge JanickeArray, Volume 5
Reflections on Digital SovereigntyLokke Moerel, Paul TimmersEU Cyber Direct
China-Linked Influence Operation on Twitter Detected Engaging with the US Presidential Election

Part 1: Detection Report
Part 2: Development Report
Cardiff University Crime and Security Research InstituteCardiff University’s OSCAR (Open Source Communications Analytics Research)
Nexus or Not? The relationship between terrorism and organised crimeMartin Joseph GallagherPolicing Insight
Benefits of implementation of mobile devices with frontline officers in Police Scotland 2019-2020William Graham, and Lesley Diack, Martin Joseph GallagherScottish Institute for Policing Research - Breifing Series Issue 13
A framework for effective corporate communication after cyber security incidentsRichard Knight, Jason R. C. NurseComputers & Security, Volume 99, December 2020
Producing ‘good enough’ automated transcripts securely: Extending Bokhove and Downey (2018) to address security concernsJoseph Da SilvaMethodological Innovations, Volume 14 Issue 1, January-April 2021
Efficient and Fine-grained Signature for IIoT with Resistance to Key ExposureYangyang Bao, Weidong Qiu, Xiaochun ChengIEEE Internet of Things Journal
An efficient identity-based proxy signcryption using latticeHongfei Zhu, Ye Wang, Chonghua Wang, Xiaochun ChengFuture Generation Computer Systems, Volume 117
Mechanisms of power inscription into IT governance: Lessons from two national digital identity systemsRony Medaglia, Ben Eaton, Jonas Hedman, Edgar A. WhitleyInformation Systems Journal (ISJ)

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