Challenge Working Groups

The goal of each Challenge Working Group (CWG) is to advance understanding of the SPRITE+ Challenge Themes by considering it from multiple perspectives. CWGs will work with the SPRITE+ Project Partners and other stakeholders to gain in depth knowledge of end-user concerns and requirements. They will research the existing evidence base to determine what is already known and what opportunities exist to increase knowledge in each area. CWGs will produce a cross-disciplinary understanding of the core issues and make recommendations for future research priorities.

Learn more about each of the CWGs below.

17th April 2020

Accountability & Ethics in a Digital Ecosystem

Led by Dr Jonathan Foster (University of Sheffield) and Dr Julie Gore (University of Bath).
28th April 2020

Digital Technologies, Power & Control

Led by Dr Lara Frumkin (The Open University), Dr Kovila Coopamootoo (Newcastle University), Dr Sabine Little (University of Sheffield) and Dr Vitor Jesus (Birmingham City University).

Sandpit Projects

In July 2020, SPRITE+ hosted its first virtual sandpit focused on 'Trust, Identity, Privacy, and Security in the post-Covid Digital Economy'. Over the course of 5 sessions, participants formed interdisciplinary teams and created projects under this theme.

Learn more about each of the projects below.

20th August 2020

TIPS in blended home-work environments: A socio-technical perspective

Led by Dr Emily Collins (Cardiff University), Dr Jason Nurse (University of Kent), Professor Niki Pantelli (Royal Holloway University of London), Dr Nikki Williams (Cranfield University), Dr John Blythe (Cybsafe) and Ben Koppelman (Cybersmart).
20th August 2020

Future Payment Systems: Data, Technology and Privacy after Covid

Led by Dr Geoff Goodell (University College London), Dr Andrea Bracciali (University of Stirling), Dr Jiahong Chen (University of Nottingham), Dr Duncan Greaves (CU Scarborough), Dr Chris Hicks (The Alan Turing Institute), Dr Yang Lu (University of Kent), Dr Okechukwu Okorie (University of Exeter) and Dr Robin Renwick (Trilateral Research).
20th August 2020

AI-COSA: trustworthiness of data and AI tools in COvid Safe workplace Apps

Led by Dr Jacob Johanssen (St. Mary's University, Twickenham), Dr Lamiece Hassan (University of Manchester), Dr Iman Naja (University of Aberdeen), Dr Mistale Taylor (Trilateral Research) and Dr Carl Adams (Mobi Publishing Ltd).
20th August 2020

Understanding and mapping shadow infrastructures and TIPS in Covid and post-Covid times

Led by Dr Chris Foster (University of Manchester), Professor Washington Yotto Ochieng (Imperial College London), Dr Stefanie Kuenzel (Royal Holloway University of London), Dr Jessamy Perriam (IT University Copenhagen) and Martin Gallagher (Police Scotland).

Call for Events is now open! We're supporting Members and Expert Fellows to lead activities that explore aspects of TIPS in the Digital Economy. We will help to organise the activity with up to £5,000 to cover the associated costs.