Building a Community of Interest in Communicating Cybersecurity

SPRITE+ Workshop - 27 January 2022

Breakout session 2: What are the next steps and opportunities for collaboration when it comes to communicating cybersecurity?

We have suggested some ideas below to kick start the conversation.

Output Goal Short term action Main beneficiaries
Collaborative agenda setting article Translating/amplifying your existing research to new audiences; setting a research agenda Hands on Writing together workshop where all co-authors outline the paper Academics and practitioners who’d like to promote their work to new audiences
Peer-reviewed Special Issue Publishing new research to academic audiences;forming a support group Peer-review circle, e.g. through shared docs or small meetings Academics who have some data/arguments ready for publishing novel research
Public engagement: a series of blogs, podcasts, videos etc Promoting your work to specific practitioners Hands on workshop with a sci communicator where we learn how to craft the message well Academics and practitioners whose work relates to cyber security and the specific practitioners (i.e. regulators, non-expert office workers)
Short term reading group (a series of 4-6 events open to the public where we read papers from our community members) Promoting your published work Planning meeting on the format; promotion of the reading group Academics and practitioners who already published work in the area
‘Peer review’ group Forming a support group Planning meeting on the format Academics and practitioners who are currently writing papers/reports and looking for feedback
Mini sandpit Finding new collaborators;forming a research proposal; gaining funding Planning meeting on the format Academics and practitioners who’s like to find new collaborators for new projects

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