Early Career Researcher Stories

Within the SPRITE+ network, our Early Career Researchers (ECRs) are tackling important and challenging issues. They are using innovative methods; making new discoveries; asking important questions. They are the next generation of leaders. They are the Rising Stars.

We publish a different Rising Star each month as an opportunity for ECRs to showcase their research. If you'd like to showcase your research story please read more about the process here.

24th January 2022

Rising Star: Iman Naja

Learn more about Iman's work on the Realising Accountable Intelligent Systems (RAInS) project at the University of Aberdeen.
22nd November 2021

Rising Star: Charles Weir

Learn more about Charles' journey from consultant to programmer to academic and his research in software security.
25th October 2021

Rising Star: Keenan Jones

Learn more about Keenan's work on the use of powerful language models as a means of deceiving authorship analysis models.
14th September 2021

Rising Star: Sameh Zakhary

Learn more about Sameh's work examining technologies for secure Internet of Things (IoT) in domestic environments.
24th May 2021

Rising Star: Amel Attatfa

Learn about Amel's work on cyber diplomacy and its influence on international cyber space!
10th February 2021

Rising Star: Iain Reid

Learn more about Iain's research into cyber deception, his work at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, and more!
27th October 2020

Rising Star: Emma Boakes

Learn more about Emma Boakes' research investigating security convergence within organisations. Emma is a final year PhD Student (CREST funded) at the University of Portsmouth.

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